●  Runs, rides and stops nicely
●  Matching engine and frame numbers (TR6C DU69577)
●  2 previous owners
●  Low mileage (believed to be 8586 miles)
●  Almost everything original or genuine Triumph replacement parts
●  Boyer-Bransden ignition but original points and cam etc. are included
●  Very recent MOT
●  Manuals, provenance, some service history and receipts
●  Some spares and special tools
●  Inspection welcomed

My son, who worked for Redline Motorcycles in Santa Barbara, California, bought the bike, on my behalf, in 1988 from its second owner and shipped it to me. I was particularly pleased that he got the 1968 model as it has the 2 leading shoe front brake (which earlier models didn't have) and doesn't have the hideous chip-basket/rat-trap exhaust protector which they introduced in 1969.

In case you aren't familiar with this model, it's a minor variant of the T120 Bonneville only sold - I think - in the USA. The main differences are that it has a high level exhaust, a single carburettor, a smaller petrol tank, a smaller headlight, stainless mudguards and no tacho. They were made to West Coast and East Coast specifications but I don't know the difference - this one is West Coast.

I used it for a little while before deciding to fit new steering head bearings. Having stripped the front end down I decided to have any front end components (and a few other bits) repainted by a local spray shop - I took the parts to them in about December and eventually got them back the following June, by which time I had got involved in other things and never got around to reassembling it, until very recently.

As I am a bit long in the tooth for biking and have got lots of other things to do I reluctantly decided to sell it.

I've now installed the new head bearings, a new Yuasa battery, a new front tyre and attended to a few other things. Despite having sat in the garage for about 18 years there were no mechanical problems - brakes and clutch worked normally and it started  on the second or third kick. It's got plenty of compression and runs, rides and stops nicely.

Cosmetically it has deteriorated quite bit whilst in storage - I'd say that the pics make it look better than in real life. The rims have started rust spotting and the chrome on the silencers is appalling (I attacked them with a wire brush in an electric drill!). There are quite a few blemishes in the paintwork and some animal has gnawed small holes in the seat covering. Despite that, it is a perfectly respectable bike for normal use.

General pics
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