This is a retyped copy of an original document written in early 1990.

Note that personal details suffixed with have changed since time of writing.

Current personal details appear at the end of the document


1968 U.S. specification Triumph TR6C

Engine and frame number DU69577

Registered UK 30/1/1990. Registration no MFX 78G


Current owner:            Bob Kellock,                Phone 0747-870318 (Weekends only)†

                          Fonthill Abbey†                   01-969-2229 (Weekday evenings)†





Bike originally sold by Honda “A1” of Santa Barbara, California who were then Triumph and Honda dealers. (Still a going concern). Date of original sale  12th October 1968.


Californian registration number was 4A9569.


Original buyer was Robert J. Igelsrud of Santa Barbara, California. (Now known that Igelsrud was not the original owner - he bought it from the original owner in 1972)


The bike remained in the ownership of Igelsrud until purchased on my behalf by my son, James Kellock, who was employed as a fitter at Redline Motorcycles, Santa Barbara.  Redline specialise in British motorcycles, particularly Triumph and Norton.


At the time of purchase the bike was in original condition (as far as I am aware) except
for :-

    Tyres had been replaced.

    A “customised” exhaust system had been fitted.

    The front mudguard had been cut down.

    New petrol cocks had been fitted.

    The primary chaincase cover had suffered minor damage and had been competently welded.

    The side reflectors at the bottom of the tank were missing.


My son obtained and fitted genuine Triumph exhaust pipes and front mudguard (in USA) but didn’t find any correct silencers. (Some old Harley silencers were fitted as a temporary measure).


The cost of shipping to the UK was 467 dollars (£265.34). It was crated free of charge by my son using a crate from a Harley Davidson.


Import handling charges and delivery to Tisbury, Wiltshire were £130.23.


VAT of £65.39 was charged.

There was no liability for Car Tax or Import duty as it was a re-import of a vehicle more then 20 years old.


Landed UK 4th December, 1989.  Delivered Tisbury, Wiltshire 4th Jan 1990 (Dock strike at Felixstowe).


Examination on receipt in UK


Speedo reading 7933 miles.  It seems probable that this is a genuine mileage. Although the speedometer needle fluctuated badly the odometer appeared to be functioning correctly.


Service record show speedometer readings of

3313 miles in March, 1973

3903 miles in June, 1973

4661 miles in June, 1974

It is known that Igelsrud only used the bike occasionally, particularly so in recent years.


The general condition of the bike was probably much the same as it would have been when about 3 years old if it had been used in the UK by a reasonably careful owner.


It appeared to exactly match the photograph shown on page 6 of Replacements parts catalogue No. 6 (Overseas edition), e.g. having stainless mudguards and the US pattern rear lamp, except :-

It has an additional chromed tubular rear frame with lifting handle which, I am told, was available as an option.

The silencers were incorrect. (To be replaced when found).

The side reflectors were missing. (Now replaced)

Heat sink missing. (Now replaced)


All the paintwork and chrome (except for the new exhaust pipes) appears to be original. There are minor blemishes in the paintwork and a lot of the gold lining on the tank has worn (or has been polished) away. Most of the chrome is in excellent condition but small rust spots can be seen on the tubular steel frame supporting the rear mudguard and on the rear springs. A lot of the fastenings, particularly the Philips headed screws retaining the primary chain and timing covers, have tarnished.


The seat cover had some small tears and the trimming was damaged in one place. (Now replaced).


Toolmarks are obvious on the screws retaining the primary chain, timing and kickstart covers but it does not appear that the rocker boxes or cylinder head have been removed.


The wiring harness appears to be original and is in excellent condition (or at least as good as it could be with horrible Lucar connectors)


The Zener diode and heatsink were missing – believed to have been “borrowed” whilst at Redline Motorcycles awaiting shipment to UK.


The brake pedal appears to have been broken and welded near the fulcrum point.


End float on the gearbox secondary chain sprocket was noticed. The primary chaincase and clutch were removed to gain access to the nut retaining the sprocket , which was found to be loose.


The general state of the primary drive and clutch was very good with light indentations on the internal splines of the clutch basket which engage with the clutch plate. The “cush” drive appeared to be in excellent condition and there was no indication that it had been dismantled. This tends to confirm that the recorded mileage is genuine.


The horn button was incomplete. (Now replaced).


There was a small tear in one fork gaiter. (New ones fitted).


Petrol cocks leaked. (Now replaced).


It appears that the bike has been maintained competently with the exception that the front brake anchor plate nut (11/16” Whit hex) had been removed with a hammer and chisel. (Nut now replaced).


The bike appears to run and ride very satisfyingly.



Work carried out so far


Tighten secondary chain driving sprocket retaining nut (as above).

Fit new petrol cocks. Not genuine Triumph but good quality from Hamrax.

Fit new petrol horn button. Not genuine Triumph but good quality from Hamrax.

Fit new (stainless steel) tank trim. (Hamrax).

Fit new seat cover.

Fit new Zener and heatsink.

Speedometer overhaul (Pople of Frimley Green). Current odometer reading of 7937 miles being retained.

Fit new fork gaiters.

Fit new battery, points, plugs, condenser and HT coil boots

Fit new Mini-Goldie silencers. (Temporary measure until the correct type can be found).

Fit new kickstart cotter pin and pedal bolt.

Fit new rear 4.00X18 and part used 3.50x19 trials tyres

Fit new petrol tank mounting set and side reflectors.

Please remember that this document applied to the bike as it was in 1990


Changes of personal details


Phone 0747-870318 (Weekends only) †    Now 01747-870318  (Any time)


Fonthill Abbey †    Now The Elms, High Street, Tisbury, Salisbury, Wilts  SP3 6HH


01-969-2229 (Weekday evenings) †   No longer applicable