Provenance and mileage

The bike was first registered In California on 12th October 1968, registration number 4A9569.
I don't know the name of the original owner but he sold it to Robert J Igelsgrud of Santa Barbara on 13th September 1972 as shown in the document below:

I've recently telephoned Igelsrud and, although he couldn't remember the previous owner's name, he was certain that he was the original owner.

On my behalf (and with my money) my son, Jamie, bought the bike from Igelsrud on 10th December 1988.

Form B is on the reverse side of Form A so, it looks to me, that Jamie became the registered owner but that I became the legal owner.  I think it's fair to claim that the bike has had three owners so far: the original owner of unknown name, Igelsrud and me.

I don't remember why it took so long for Jamie to ship it over to me but eventually it landed in the UK on 4th December, 1989  and was delivered to Tisbury, Wiltshire on 4th Jan 1990 (Dock strike at Felixstowe).

The V5 is scanned from a photocopy which I took before sending it off to the DVLA when I moved house 7 or 8 years ago. I can't find a current one nor do I recollect having received it: I've contacted the DVLA to get one and have received an email from them on 2nd September saying that the new V5 will be with me within 7 days.


Although the speed indicator wasn't working when I got the bike the odometer was OK. I had the speedometer repaired but got the repairer to reset the odometer to the same reading as previously.
Service records show mileages as:
    3313 miles in March, 1973
    3903 miles in June, 1973
    4661 miles in June, 1974

From my recent phone call to Igelsrud I understand that he used it very sparingly after about 1975.
The general mechanical state is commensurate with the current odometer reading of 8586 miles