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Has just had an MOT and was initially failed on the state of the front tyre and the throttle cable. A new tyre and throttle cable inner have been fitted. It then passed - the MOT expires on 25th August, 2010.

Engine and gearbox assembly

All believed to be in good order. The engine runs smoothly - for a 650 twin - and there are no unexpected noises or rattles. There is no evidence of the cylinder head or barrel having been off but the primary chaincase and timing cover show toolmarks on their fasteners. I had the primary chaincase off some years (but few miles) ago to tighten secondary chain driving sprocket retaining nut. The clutch basket and cush drive were in good condition. Chrome on kickstart and gearchange imperfect.

The primary chaincase has been damaged: it's been welded just in front of the footrest and there is a small graunch just below the heatshield. The case is not distorted.

Frame, swinging arm and pedals etc
No sign of any damage or distortion. Paintwork rather shabby. There is no centre stand which I believe is normal for this model (but it could be bought as an extra). Side stand is fine. Since posting the ad on eBay it's been pointed out that there is a bend in the stand near the top which shouldn't be there. As far as I can tell the mounting lug for the sidestand is OK.
The brake pedal appears to have been broken and competently welded near the fulcrum point

Rear spring dust covers have been removed and chromed springs fitted (Common practice in CA). Dust covers can be bought quite cheaply.  The chrome on the springs is very poor.

Exhaust pipes and silencers
New genuine Triumph pipes were fitted by my son in Santa Barbara. The chrome is not perfect but would probably polish up OK.  The chrome on the silencers is almost non-existent and they will rust like hell when rained on but they function OK. These  are Mini Goldies which I bought from Unity Equipe (optimistically described as having heavy chrome plate) as a temporary measure until I could get the right ones (which I never did).
I see that Hawkshaw now have proper ones listed as 70-6974/5  HIGH LEVEL SILENCER PAIR 67/8  for 152.00 + VAT.

I think that the mounting brackets for them are included in the odds and ends which come with the bike.

Front forks
I've recently fitted new head bearing races. Before doing so, I got a local sprayshop to repaint the black metalwork. Although it took him more that 6 months to do it, he made a pretty poor job of it.

Wheels, tyres and brakes
The chrome on the rims has started to go. Plenty of meat on the linings plus there's a spare set + rivets for both wheels.  Wheel bearings and drums are good.
The brakedrum trim on the nearside of the front wheel appears to be the 1969 version but it's quite possible that the factory fitted the wrong one.
Rear tyre (4.00x18) has got at least 80% of original tread depth. Front (3.25x19) is brand new.

Fuel tank and carb
There are a couple of very minor dinks in the tank - not much deeper than the paint thickness. The paint has some chips in it and the gold lining is worn. The "Triumph Trophy" decal is very faint.
The carb, which could do with a new gasket set, is missing the choke slide and spring (the cable and control lever are also gone). I'm told that this was common practice in California. Since fitting the Boyer I've never had any trouble with starting as long as you give it a good tickle first.

Lubrication system
Oil flow looks OK and no signs of any non-trivial leaks.

Toolbox and seat
The toolbox is a complete waste of time on the TR6C as the exhaust prevents you from opening it!  I fitted a new seat cover shortly after getting the bike and, if some tedious animal hadn't chewed little holes in it, it would be perfect. There is a safety strap but it hasn't been fitted.

Both stainless (correct for a TR6C). There is a short crack at the tail end of the rear (hidden by the number plate). It's been welded but there's a new crack alongside the weld. The rear mudguard stay has a grab handle which, I've been told, was sold in the US as an aftermarket item.
The number plate frame is embossed "Honda of Santa Barbara". I've got a new plain one which I intended to have CNC machined with "Triumph of Santa Barbara"


Handlebars and cables
Chrome on the handlebars is on its way out. New ones (Part no 97-1511) are 16.20 + VAT from Hawkshaw. Cables run freely.

Speedo and headlamp
Speedo wasn't working when I got the bike (but the odometer was OK). I had it reconditioned by Pople ( getting him to reset the odometer to its previous reading but he must have forgotten to tighten the special screws which hold the mechanism to the case. One is missing which makes the dial a bit cockeyed but it works OK. Note that TR6Cs weren't fitted with a tacho.

Just been fitted with a new Yuasa battery which must be slightly taller then the old one as the seat shorted the battery negative to the frame when I sat on it and burnt out the harness.  I've extended the battery carrier to drop the battery and modified the new harness and wiring to overcome any further problems with Lucas's crappy, ill-conceived wiring.  Wiring diagram (PDF)
Charging is OK.
I fitted a Boyer-Bransden ignition kit to the bike shortly after getting it. I've kept all the original bits so it could be changed back to conventional ignition very easily.

Odds and Sods

The buyer will also get:

Genuine workshop manual, parts catalogue and owner's handbook (all applicable to the export versions)

Home-made and genuine special tools

Sundry documentation including provenance, service records, receipts etc.
A full set of new brake linings and rivets.
A new number plate surround.
Californian number plate.
Seat safety strap.
Auto advance unit and contact breaker assembly (Removed when Boyer was fitted).
Sundry brackets and clips which, I think, would be needed if genuine TR6C silencers are fitted.
Oddlets and sodlets.