Ex WW2 American airforce Clark 2 ton forklift. The world's first short-coupled internal combustion fork lift truck was introduced in 1938 and remained in production until 1964. They were mass produced in large quantities during WW2 as Clark were the dominant supplier of forklifts to the US military in that era.
Another of Clark's proud claims is that they were the first lift truck manufacturer to put warning labels on lift trucks!

I bought it for about 25 in about 1968 when I had a production wood-bashing business. The engine had a major fault and the owners were told that spare parts were unavailable. (I later found out that there was an enormous warehouse in Belgium full of spares). I replaced the engine with a B series from a scrap Morris Oxford; it was much higher revving than the old one and gave the truck a fair turn of speed. The original hydraulic pump was unsuitable for belt driving so I got a Jaguar dynamo that had the power steering pump mounted on its end. By drilling out the flow restrictor in the pump the forks would lift at an acceptable speed.