TS3510 tractor


Japanese 3 cylinder 35hp agricultural tractor very similar in size and capabilities to a Ferguson MF35 but, by no means, a copy of one. The hydraulic rams are for the foreloader. Possibly the only tractor in the world with H rated (130mph) front tyres (which came from a Range Rover).

I bought it, with a set of Lloyds Leda gang mowers, from Cranborne Chase girl's school when it closed in about 1990 as, at that time, I was living in the remains of Fonthill Abbey where I had about 5 acres to mow. Apart from needing a new water pump it's been incredibly reliable despite almost total neglect but the tin worm is fairly active.

My nephew now lives in Fonthill Abbey and had it on indefinite loan until I sold it to the new owner of Fonthill Abbey in 2013